The KDO team is on a mission to prevent diabetes and its complications by providing resources for early screening and education.
One in three people are expected to have diabetes by the year 2050. Diabetes is a chronic illness. It is not curable but certainly preventable and controllable through education, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Managing diabetes is an art and requires motivation and determination.
We are a global, inclusive community of diabetes focused affiliates and partners from every walk of professional life. We promote both formal and informal  education for diabetes prevention and management. Through out the year our organization hosts community programs providing diabetes screening opportunities, education and resources to those in need. We are involved with hosting community events at the senior centers to provide the elderly support and tools to cope with diabetes.  Every dollar raised in our fundraisers will help patients with diabetes receive more than just treatment. Our holistic philosophy ensures that patients receive assistance in every aspect of diabetes, by providing them the education and the resources to manage their diabetes and prevent long term debilitating complications.